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Main Features

1) UV cut glass forheadlight protection
2) Color temperature: 3, 000k - 12, 000k and dark blue, purple, pink, green.
3) Luminous flux: 3, 200lm
4) High brightness: Three times luminous flux as that of halogen tungsten lamp
5) Long lifetime: Over 3, 000hrs
6) Low power consumption
7) Replacement HID xenon bulbs for car HID xenon conversionkits
8) 35W output power
9) 100% compatible with original halogen system
10) Protection functions:
Input warning: Enabled
Short circuit protection: Enabled
Over / low-current protection: Enabled
Voltage output overload / low protection: Enabled
Over-temperature protection: Enabled
Thunder resistance: Enabled


The HID lamp with 3,000K golden light offers extremely high brightness, and is mainly used for auto lighting when there is rain or fog.
The 5,000K(all white light) is the maximum color temperature according to European standards.
The HID lamp with 6,000K gives out braight bluish white light.
As the lamp with color temperature higher than 8,000K provides very low light intensity, it is often used for cool play.